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Equipment and accessories

With our extensive selection of barn equipment and accessories, you have the option of further expanding our products in order to meet your specific requirements. Manure drying tunnels, ventilation systems, continuous weighers and egg counters can be added to create individually tailored systems that keep you in control of optimal production processes.

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Equipment and accessories

Manure Drying Tunnel

The new Specht-Manure-Drying Tunnel is a developed system of drying manure. Due to the new system there is a significant reducing of ammonia concentration and a drying result of the manure up to 90 % possible.By using the Specht-manure-drying tunnel it is possible to increase the quality of the manure, and at the same time reducing the volume and weight of it with a low energy expenditure as well as low installation costsProblems with flies and unpleasant smells will be reduced significantly!

Catch scale type PFB 35/70

continuous scale Typ P5/15

SPECHT Ventilation- and air system

Egg counter


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