Johannes Ten Elsen.

Mr. Johannes Ten Elsen founded the TESO Ten Elsen GmbH & CO. KG Company in 1961 which is also today, solely in the hands of the Ten Elsen family. The company manufactures and distributes animal husbandry systems for agricultural livestock. In addition to houses and housing equipment for large livestock, including feeding and ventilation systems, the SPECHT poultry batteries are also produced in Sonsbeck. The production area meters has recently been expanded to 30,000 square meters. As internationally leading company for poultry batteries, the company TESO ten Elsen GmbH & Co. KG has sold many batteries around the world. The company's success is based on professional expertise and quality combined with advanced technology. Countless batteries that still work without any problem after 25 years, underline the well-known quality of SPECHT.

The SPECHT-poultry batteries are distinguished in 5 groups:

The current laying, rearing and parents stock batteries are the result of a development which began in 1966. In 1967 at the trade fair in Dortmund, the first SPECHT-battery with complete manure removal belts was presented. In 1998, batteries with a length of more than 90m were built already. Since then, both, the quality and the lengths of the SPECHT-batteries have increased, so that today battery systems with a length of more than 150 meters and up to 10 tiers are no longer a problem. The worldwide reputation of SPECHT poultry batteries is based on the one hand on the patented feeding system and on the other hand on the manure drying system, which reaches - with exceptionally low energy costs - a dry content of 60-70%. The egg collection with egg belts, lifter with conveyor belt and the flexible cage floors ensure a good rolling off and easy collecting of the eggs, with a very low rate of cracked eggs. These advantages, combined with the wire structure, which allows a good visual inspection and ensures an optimum light and an excellent air circulation, provide the basis for an optimal operating result for the poultry farmer. The company headquarters and the production of the SPECHT batteries are located in Sonsbeck on the lower Rhine. With honor we would like to welcome you in our company, to show you our company and also SPECHT batteries we installed in closer surroundings, but also on the international market. Convince yourselves of the advantages and the excellent quality of SPECHT batteries.