Specht-Ten Elsen. Poultry Equipment Since 1961

We are a manufacturer and seller of animal hus- bandry materials - and international market leader for poultry cage systems for layers, pullets, breeders and broiler rearing.
Since our foundation in 1961 through Johannes Ten Elsen the enterprise has been an innovative forerunner in the development of poultry cage systems. Today we offer high quality cage systems for all kinds of birds, but also modern alternative poultry systems - including most recent feeding and ventilation installations.

Quality Made in Germany.

For out manufacturing process we only buy raw materials like coils of wire. All processing of the materials is done in our factory in Sonsbeck, Germany. That way we can guarantee the high quality our customers demand and still be able to consider new developments at every time.

Internationally Appreciated.

There is hardly any area in the agri- business that has become so international as the poultry sector. From the very beginning Specht has formed a successful part of this development. Within only a few years the company had become the biggest supplier for poultry farmers in our neighbouring countries such as Holland or Belgium.
Today our customers can be found world-wide and exports to the other end of the globe have become every- day work.

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